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The Top 5 Worst Breakup Mistakes

Mistake 1: Wanting them back

Admittedly, this is a forgivable one because it’s part of a significant breakup stage you go through. But nonetheless, it’s a mistake that will hold you back.

Mistake 2 : trying to be friends

its impossible to stay friends when one party is still emotionally involved

Mistake 3 : Rebounding immediately

i used to go from bad relationship to breakup to bad relationship an so forth. I never took the time to work through my experience and learn from what went wrong.!

Mistake 4: Being stuck in the “ acceptance stage” forever

people can get stuck in their recovery for an unusually long time and they are unable to move on

while they have accepted that the breakup happened, they never continue into the next phase, which is the “letting go” stage

Mistake 5: Not using this opportunity to shape your future love life

as i’ve Often preached, you must use this breakup as a catalyst to have better relationships in the future, to find your perfect fit partner, as opposed to continuously running into the ones who are not good for you.

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