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Here's What This Guy Was Caught Doing At A Shopping Plaza

It is difficult to do your own things without having to worry about who is looking, or watching. You might just decide to go out and enjoy yourself in a way that defines fun for you, only to discover that there is someone who is going to make you famous without your knowledge.

This man has become the talk of the town, there by social media. He obviously was not aware that there was someone filming him as he was busy enjoying his 5 liter bucket of ice cream. He seemed to have been alone, as he wasn't sharing his ice-cream.

Who could blame the guy? It was really a hot day, and every person needed to cool off. Some preferred cooling off in other ways, whereas, this guy preferred having his ice-cream. Some were craving to be in his shoes, as they would have loved to taste what he was having in this kind of weather. Aren't you craving this too?

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