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I Dated Two Boyfriends And They All Died Strange Deaths, I Thought I Was Cursed, Lady Confesses

According to Stella's own admission, she had been cursed by having had two boyfriends die within a year of each other. In her own words, "I didn't want to get myself involved in a significant relationship."

She met her first love in high school, with whom she had a six-month online connection for the duration of that time. This was Stella's first love after a six-month wait thanks to social media.

She gushes about her ex-boyfriend, saying, 'He was the best.' He wasn't feeling well when they met up one day. In other words, they figured it was just an ordinary headache when he complained of one, and they went their separate ways. That was the last time he saw him.

She found out the next day that he had died from meningitis the night before. She was unable to attend his funeral due to her severe melancholy and the fact that she was unknown to the family.

This is when she says her life took a turn for the worse. She thinks she went through a period of depression during which she blamed herself for the deaths of her companions.

Stella had discovered a man who could relate to her and understand what she was going through as a result of this experience. Two years after they met, they're still together, and she's thrilled that she overcame her challenges.

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