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Man Was Fed Up, He Took His BMW E90 From A Girlfriend Who Cheated On Him, Watch Full Video!

This probably just gives off the impression that relationships are not easy these days, so what exactly is happening? It seems like men are just taking their things, how has this turned into some trend, cheating just leads to problems.

But it could be that it has always been this way, the difference now is that we are now witnessing these events. It does seem like the woman has now lost a ride because of what she did, what does this mean for South African men, is loyalty in demand?

It does seem like they have not gotten quite a lot of it and I suppose one way to deal with whatever case of disloyalty is by taking back what belongs to you. It is not clear if the guy lent the car to his girlfriend or he had bought it for her, and because the girlfriend, supposedly cheated on him, he probably thought that it would be best to just take the car.

Now, imagine your relationship being about materialistic things where your girlfriend only shows you love when she wants something from you.

One would probably say that cannot be in any way healthy, but there is something that has to be pointed out here, at what stage did emotions come into play?

So it is alleged that the guy is a blesser, some might say that it should not be a big deal if a girl decides to dump you and leave with your BMW. However, maybe it is safe to say that the man did what a lot of men out there should start doing.

The thing is, people are being played and as a man, you probably do not want to be part of that game, if a woman cheats on when give her weekly or a monthly allowance and buy her all the fancy stuff, then maybe it would be best if he just walks away from whatever that is and spend his money on someone else.

Will this continue, probably, those Ben 10s should also be exposed, there are probably some rich women who are being played.

If, you watch the video, then you probably saw the drama there, this was happening in public, who knows how many of these videos are out there. What do you think about this?

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