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10 Signs She Only Wants You As Friend, Not A Lover

10 Signs She Only Wants You As Friend, Not A Lover

Check out these ten signs that she only wants to be your friend, not your lover.

1. She sees you as a friend, and she introduces you to the public as a friend, with no romantic feelings attached to her introduction.

Even when she is hanging out with you or in front of you, she expresses interest in other male companions. You have been placed in the friend zone, and she has no plans to date you or be in a relationship with you because of this.

3. She never becomes envious when she sees you with other women. Generally, if a girl has genuine feelings for you, she will be jealous or protective if she notices you with another woman in your presence.

4. She finds it difficult to commit to a single date with you. She either comes with a group of friends or invites a larger group of people to join her. Furthermore, she has a difficult time spending time with you. In addition, do not engage in a deep or romantic conversation with you.

5. She doesn't express any romantic feelings for you at all. She may give you a hug, but she is unlikely to play naughty with you or kiss you. In the same way, she considers you to be a friend, nothing more. When you are not receiving affection from her, don't try to force things.

6. She shares information with you about her dating life. Perhaps she will tell you about her relationship or how nicely her lover has taken care of her. Not only that, but she may tell you this since she considers you to be a friend and does not believe that having such a conversation will damage your feelings.

7. When you bring up the subject of dating her, she either dismisses you or informs you that she is not interested in any romantic ties with you. She considers you to be a brother or a close friend.

Eighth, her body language will demonstrate that she is disinterested in you.

9. She most likely rejected your attempts to ask her out or be her girlfriend on two separate occasions.

10. She pats you on the back of your shoulders when you're feeling low. In other words, a lady is sorry for what you are going through right now, but she will not kiss or hug you as a result of her feelings for you. But he's only there to make you feel good about yourself as a buddy.

So, men, you must learn to recognize when a lady is interested in you or simply sees you as a friend. The truth is that not all girls or women who come into your life are looking for a relationship; some are simply looking for a friend, and it is important that you respect their wishes or you may wind up losing them from your life.

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