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Age Is Just A number? Says 85-year-old Madly Inlove with a 25-year-old College Student

In search for bizzare news in other parts of the continent, news searchers for Afrimax discovered a one of a kind romantic relation relationship between a 35 year old college student and a 85 years grandmother.

The two are considered to be in true love and no one can separate them. Locals where shocked to learn about this affair with some terming it an abomination.

Muima (25) and Theresa (85), assured the public that their relationship is pretty much genuine and entertaining.

In light of their wide age gap of 60 years, news telecaster for Afrimax discovered that the couple also believe that they are a match made in heaven, based on how they met.

Muima lives in the DRC yet moved to town to proceed with his examinations at the neighborhood college. That is the point at which he met and experienced passionate feelings for the 85 year old Theresa.

At the point when he initially visited the anonymous town, he and his companions were searching for convenience, and Theresa offered them lodgings at one of her homes. She was his landlord.

The two developed feelings for each other and the rest is love in the air. This truly calls for celebration.

Toward the start of their dating sentiment, Theresa used to refer to him as "the spouse," yet Muima thought nothing a greater amount of it.

"In actuality, she could be my grandma, yet so what? I love her," said the college guy full of love in his eyes.

, Theresa said, " yes age is only a number. I'm 85 years old. I have eight youngsters and 21 grandkids.

"He (Muima) loves me, and I likewise love him. I'm currently prepared to put on the wedding dress and ring, haters will hear the wedding bells"

Their cuddling and soft sensitive video was met with blended reaction.

Below are some of viewers reactions:

"The kid is after the abundance of the lady. He is frantic. He simply maintained that somebody should address his issues," remarked one client.

One more said: "Regardless of how you attempt to make it look great and unadulterated love. The truth of the matter is this is unadulterated frenzy, and cash is involved. Let's face it here."

"I simply implore that he fulfils her as far as possible up until the end," composed another.

Readers, Is age just a number?

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