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"No One Wants To Marry Us Because They Claim We Are Cursed" Gloria Narrate Painful Tale Of Her Life

"No One Wants To Marry Us Because They Claim We Are Cursed" Gloria Narrate Painful Tale Of Her Life


Gloria and her siblings were born in wonderful health, and it wasn't until their family was stricken by a disease that they couldn't explain that they began to suffer.

This odd condition began after she was scratched by a stick, resulting in a small wound on her skin. She was taken to the hospital, where she was given antibiotics to keep her from getting sick.

However, the little wound became larger and larger with each passing day. The minor wound caused her legs to enlarge with each passing day until they are so swollen that she is unable to walk properly and no one wants to be with her.

The amusing part is that the children who look like their father get this condition, whilst the children who look like their mother are not affected.

Currently, no one is interested in marrying any of the siblings who have this disease because they have been rejected by everyone else.

Gloria and her sisters are interested in discovering what is causing this condition. Specifically, they are interested in learning more about what caused this condition and why it only affects a portion of their family while the other half of the family appears to be unaffected.

Their father also suffers from the same illness, but it only lately manifested itself. He was not born with it, and he was in good health until a stone struck him in the leg, causing him to itch the affected area, which caused the legs to swell.

Despite the fact that she is quite supportive, their mother finds it extremely difficult to care for four of her children who have this unrecognizable condition.

Gloria maintains her belief in their ability to recover and believes that one day they will be able to do it.  

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