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THLOLOGELO: From Joburg to Limpopo and her father is happy


She went to Limpopo to visit her old man, whom they had not seen each other in a long time because Thlologelo is in another province. It really takes time for them to have a quiet and exquisite experience, and when she gets home, it turns out to be something she was expecting.

She gave her grandfather a foot massage because since she got home, he had not really been in a pleasing moment. She turns out to be a wonderful grandchild by administering a foot massage that made them have priceless moments together, and the snapshots shows a positive response.


Foot massage and cooking for him is the best experience to give him and she is cherishing their moment because she knows how significant it is. So many people are not having the same experience because they are not having grandparents available, to have a great lifestyle with each other.

The benefits are also great, as they bring people together. As for the interaction response, it is always another story to go through how they are responding to Thlologelo. Her name says it all, which means SHE IS BEING MISSED and what they had for the weekend serves the intention of her name.


Response from the comment section:

1. Permza: He recognizes Thlologelo's culinary skills, and her plate should receives a trophy.

2. Mizar: Her food looks mouthwatering.

3. Lengau: She wishes her more success with money and getting married.

4. Hlone: Congratulates to her on spoiling someone special in her life. It is really heartwarming for what she did.


When she returns back to her current relocated province, they will miss each other. It is the best and most recent experience in their lives, and it is hoped that it will continue from the upcoming ultimate holiday season of the year. In South Africa, when it comes to giving names, it is important.


Thlologelo is living proof that a good name does bring valued treatment back to people who are part of her life when she was given the name. It will always be another moment which will be cherishable on her calendar from one great person to the other.

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