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4 Things Couples Should Always Do Before Making Love

Emotional bonding can be as enjoyable as it is intimate when done with the right partner. However, no matter how many times you have slept with your partner, some things should never be taken lightly. One of them is constant hygiene. You should always do the following before making love to your partner.

1. Wear clothes that are easy to remove.

Do you find it difficult to pull off tight and suffocating jeans? All the tension you had built up during the overture was gone. While physical intimacy isn't always something you can be prepared for, if you know you're going to do something intimate, make it easy for yourself and your partner by choosing clothes that are easy to take off. It will just make things run more smoothly.

2. Take the necessary care of your private parts.

This is a topic that needs further discussion. Imagine sleeping with someone with unclean genitalia. The moment can easily pass without a second thought. Isn't that sad? As a result, take a shower or clean your lice before you get into all this action.

3. Make sure your breathing is as good as possible.

No matter how long they've been dating or how comfortable they are with each other, no one can smell their food from their partner's mouth. But brushing your teeth or rinsing your mouth in the bathroom can help you and your partner avoid an awkward situation.

4. Keep your safety in mind.

If you're not trying to conceive and don't want to protect yourself from pregnancy, having condoms on hand will make mating much easier. It is a huge disappointment to enter the party atmosphere only to realize that you have forgotten or misplaced your birth control pills.

Are there any other things couples should do before sleeping with each other? You can join the discussion by leaving a comment.

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