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Husband and wife relationship

Woman Earns Over R 1Million Working From Home And Kept It Secret From Her Husband For 3 Years.

Imagine your other half had been keeping more than 1,000,000 Rand hidden from you for three years. Would you be able to do the same? Sarie Verwey, a Johannesburg mother of two, jeopardized her marriage and family by keeping a shocking secret from her husband for three years. After dating for a few years, Sarie and Marius married in 2012. Marius is an engineer, and Sarie works at the local clinic's front desk. After their first child was born, they decided that Sarie would quit her job and stay at home to care for him. The global financial crisis hit the productive sectors of the economy hard in 2018. Marius was fortunate in that he did not lose his job; however, in order for his company to survive, he had to work overtime and significantly reduce his salary. "My husband could meet our family's basic needs, but I could tell he was exhausted from his work. We tried to save as much as we could, but we still couldn't afford it "Sarie was informed. "We couldn't imagine what our lives would be like in the future. The market began to recover, but then began to fall again. At the time, I was pregnant with our second child, and we were just hoping for the best.

We were unsure about the stability of our financial situation. We had no choice but to hope for the best."

One evening, some time after the birth of their second child, Sarie spotted an ad on Facebook offering possibility to make profit with earnings of up to 10,000 Rand a day. She visited the link to find out more about this technique of earning. "There were a lot of excellent customer evaluations regarding this ad, so I felt safe joining up. It wasn't a get-rich-quick scam by some crooks forcing into commerce in order to make a living. I would not have signed up if they had suggested selling products ", she explained. This trading platform allows people to make money by predicting the rise or fall of currency exchange rates, for example. I'm not a computer whiz. All I know is how to use the internet to look for information. However, registering on the platform was simple. To gain access, all you have to do is fill out a brief online form."

Sarie transferred more than 128,000 Rand to her card after two weeks of using the platform. Sarie decided that she needed to keep the money hidden until she was ready to reveal her secret to her husband. She didn't want her husband to have the impression that he couldn't support his family. She set it up so that every week, money from her card would be redirected to this account.

For three years, this went on. Marius continued to work, while Sarie worked from home on a trading platform. She stayed away from the money that was accumulating in the hidden account. "It was difficult for me to keep such a significant event hidden from my husband. I felt guilty, but I was also afraid of telling him. Looking back, I believe it was really foolish to keep this hidden."

Marius lost his job at the start of the year. When Sarie saw how much of a blow this was to her husband, she decided it was time to tell him what she'd been up to all day. She went to the bank and took the money out of her secret account, which had been growing for almost three years. There were more than 1,000,000 Rand in circulation at the time. "Sarie sat next to me and told me she'd been keeping something from me, that she felt ashamed," Marius explained. "She then handed me her bank statement, which she had taken from her pocket. The statement included her name, the amount of 1,032,438 Rand, and the bank's official seal. I couldn't believe it at first, until she informed me about this trading platform."

"At first, he remained silent. I was afraid he'd become enraged and refuse to trust me again. But then he rushed up to me and hugged me. I expressed my embarrassment and sorrow, but he expressed relief, saying that his hopes for a solution to our financial troubles had been realized "Sarie explains. "My dreams have also come true. We began trading together and were able to gain ['text-hero currency5] every day. The story of Marius and Sarie was widely publicized in the local media, including on blogs and in the news. When we discovered this, we asked them right away if we could share this information on our site. We asked Sarie for some insider tips for our readers, and she said, "I don't encourage holding secrets from your other half, and if you find a solid source of income, get started right immediately."

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