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Older Sister Spent The 1.2M Money Left By Her Deseased Mom and Excluded Her 3 Other Siblings

Let's say your parents passed away and left you with a sizable sum of money. Your older sister, who is the beneficiary, decides to use the money to pay off her own personal debts. One of your siblings has to attend college next year, taking R98000 from the total of R1.2M your family inherited.

Please Read below and offer uour opi ion if the elder sister was selfish for what she did or if she was responsible with the money placed in her trust and care.

She claims she was facing foreclosure on her home and financial ruin due to the collapse of her firm, and that she hoped to recoup her losses once business picked up again.

Personally I think her selfishness is the reason why her business didn’t thrive. She knew what she had to do.

Instead of coming to you first, she should have approached her bills and business problems. Then go ahead with what you guys decide to do together, They always say they're going to pay it back, but it never ends up happening, and it always seems to be in the same situations where a child needs college money.

To make matters even more unjust, without a specific letter to the contrary, the parents' decision as to who is their successor is final and binding.

@lenny - But how do we allow our houses get repossessed? The second Sangoma who I watched lose her home was also quite distraught. For what reason are we unable to vacate the premises and have it rented out?

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