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A customer called her a man and here is what she did

Everyone was created differently. We have tall, short, fat , skinny, dark and light people but all are beautiful in their own way.

There are some people that are perceived in a certain way because of their physical appearance. Some men maybe mistaken for women because of their looks and just as equally some women maybe be mistaken for men and this can be really frustrating for the people.

A certain lady shred a story of how a customer had refereed to her as a him in assumption that she was a male. this broke her heart considering that she has all the features of a woman but somehow people still overlook those and address her as a man.

A lot of people felt sorry for her for the treatment she had received and encouraged people to pay close attention when talking to strangers so as to avoid such mistakes. the good thing about all of this is the women has accepted how she looks like and that some people will make mistakes weather deliberately or not.

On some of her posts she even calls herself sir knowing that some people will remain adamant to address to her as a man so instead of being angry all the time she has chosen to derive humour from it all. Sometimes the only way to beat the criticism from people is to accept that you cannot really change the way people see you. However you can change the way you see yourself and that alone can turn any negative into a positive.

Some people still insisted that she looked like a man but this did not end well for them either as people started cursing them too. People were born differently and therefore will always look different. We ought to respect one another despite our inborn differences everyone is beautiful at the end of the day.

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