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How To Overcome The Fear Of Dating

We certainly don't need to remind you, but the Corona issue hasn't helped our dating life. Fortunately, thanks to the great weather, we will soon be able to go out on a date more readily, but you must of course courage to do so. One item is FODA, or fear of dating. Feeling more worried than usual about dating is so common that a term has been coined to describe it.

FODA is a real thing. And there's nothing out of the ordinary about that. Dating has changed dramatically as a result of the Corona issue. This time, you may have encountered ghosting for the first time, which has caused you to lose confidence. That is why we have provided you with 4 strategies to help you overcome FODA.

1. Manage your expectations

With each 'habit,' you must set a goal and manage your expectations. It's pointless to go cold turkey again. However, it is critical to keep your expectations low in order to avoid being disappointed again.

Real-life dating is a major step, and you should be aware of it. Going on a date once indicates that you are successful and have exceeded your FODA.

2. Icebreaker

Few people are not scared on their first date. Especially now, when we've all had so little time to go out. Recognize that your date will be nervous as well. Admitting out loud that you are frightened and impacted by FODA can be a huge relief. You might text that you're nervous before your date begins, or you could bring it up casually with a joke.

3. Talking points

Are you already concerned about what to do if there are any awkward silences before your date? Stop doing that. You can prepare for this by brainstorming some talking points for yourself. These are questions you can ask your date. Make an effort to be interested rather than just intriguing.

4. Focus on yourself

Of course, dating is unpleasant, but at the end of the day, remember that you are the most important person in your life. Make yourself a priority, even if it sounds clichéd. Make time to do activities that make you joyful.

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