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Husband and wife relationship

The husband noticed something strange about his wife, He installed a hidden camera and found this

In an internet video, a heartbroken guy revealed his dishonest girlfriend and a buddy who had been sleeping with his fiancee for quite some time, as well as his backstabbing pal.

He claims that after becoming aware of the odd friendship and feelings between his girlfriend and his buddy, he felt a need for proof, so he decided to put cameras in several parts of the home, including the doorbell, to gather evidence.

The lady in the video below informs him that she would be going out with her female pals. And his pal informs him that he will be unable to hang out that night due to the fact that he has report to the office early.

They returned home after turning out the lights to find the stranger there. Unfortunately, she was startled by the sound of a moving vehicle, and as she got closer to the window, she realized it was the sound of her boyfriend's car.

He attempted to confront his friend, but was able to leave via the back door and drive away.

The man returned inside and inquired of his fiancee as to what was going on... And, lo and behold, guess who it was that appeared. She said it was all a joke.

As for me, I'm still perplexed as to how that is a practical joke. If it was a practical joke, why did the other person flee?


Women should be feared after God. What if he hadn't observed anything, would we have put those surveillance cameras in place?

Let us know what you think about this.

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