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Wisdom: Men, no need to stress yourself too much, attract women by just doing these simple 5 things.

You may have done everything to attract the attention of ladies, but you still don't appear to be able to attract their attention. Do you feel that your endless bouquets of flowers and love notes aren't getting you anywhere? You might want to experiment with a few little adjustments to your appearance.

If you take the proper measures, you will be attracting ladies without having to do anything! Women will swarm around you! Simply follow the recommendations below.

1. Keep your body as clean as possible:

Women aren't interested in dealing with your week-old poop. You don't want to deal with your week-old poop, do you, man? Shower on a regular basis and apply deodorant. If you haven't been doing this before, you'll be surprised at how much of a difference it makes in your overall health.

2. Dress in formal attire:

It's not like you have to go about in Armani or something; just wear clothing that are comfortable, flatter your shape, are free of holes and stains, and don't appear to have been at the height of trend in 1986 when you're not. Don't be concerned about the brands you wear: a lady worth having will not be concerned with the brand of clothing you wear. Just make sure you're dressed in a way that she won't feel ashamed about being seen with you.

3. Smell amazing:

Exactly as much as you adore a lady who smells like a flawless princess straight out of fairy tale land, ladies adore it when guys smell fantastic too. This may be accomplished by first keeping your body clean and then applying a pleasant perfume. This might be as easy as purchasing a deodorant that has a pleasant scent to it. If you want to take things a step further, you may experiment with cologne, aftershave, and body sprays. Only that the scent is not overpowering and that the product is applied appropriately are important considerations. Axe doesn't want you to smell like you've just taken a bath in it.

4. Keep your body in good condition:

Women like guys who maintain their physical fitness and well-being. If you want to appear like Arnold Schwarzenegger, don't worry about it; she won't care whether you have a six-pack or not. Instead, focus on getting yourself to a healthy and comfortable state, such as going up a long hill. This can help you feel more confident in your own skin while also increasing your chances of attracting ladies. Because they are vain or obsessed with cultural beliefs about weight is not the case; rather, that they do not exercise demonstrates that they do not truly care about themselves enough to maintain their bodies healthy (even if this is not the case). In the event that you and your partner are both carrying a few extra pounds, you must be willing to work on your own weight before you can request that she work on hers.

5. Find your talents:

Everyone is drawn to persons who are capable of performing extraordinary feats. Now, it's likely that you already possess a skill or have the potential to develop a talent that you are unaware of. You must seek out and nurture that innate ability. Even if you don't have a conventionally appealing gift, such as playing an instrument, developing your talent and spending time with others who share your interests will provide you with the opportunity to meet females who share your interests in similar activities. A new skill may always be learned, and this is true. Among the most effective is drawing, because it is a skill that can be learnt rather than something that needs intrinsic aptitude in the traditional sense.

6. Be kind and polite to all people:

In spite of the fact that you are not likely to be seen walking around with a terrible attitude and treating other people poorly, having a bad attitude and treating other people poorly will make it difficult for you to attract women. Regardless of whether you are pleasant to the ladies you wish to date but a complete jerk to everyone else, women will notice. Maintain a pleasant, truly pleasant, and courteous attitude toward everyone, and ladies will be pretty confident that they may expect the same in return.

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