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Woman asks South African men why they do not date West African women.

Dr Phomolo went to Twitter to ask South African men why she has never seen any of them with West African women. Judging by her question it can be assumed that she has seen South African women with West African men. Here is what the men had to say.

David stated:

Only South African women date other nations freely. Other African nations don't date outside their nationality. Look at Ethiopian women. You will never see them with other nations or even Cameroon women... But our women here date anything.

Rarib stated:

South African women have the best bodies in the world. Unlike other countries.

HurtM stated:

The men can afford to buy their own iPhones.

Thebe stated:

South African women are beautiful and intelligent so there is no need to go out.

Scebik stated:

She drank my sta soft and fried 30 eggs in one day. I then decided to stay home.

Motsepe stated:

Language barrier. The ones I have seen I would not date them because they look like they are here to work and not date.

Mr Handsome stated:

Because you have to propose in English.

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