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5 Things that make men insecure

In this article, I am going to talk about the things that make men insecure. The sad part is that some of these things you have no control over. The truth is we all have insecurities. It doesn't matter if you are a man or woman. But these are more common among men. The following things are huge ego destroyers.

1. Being broke

It can be scary to ask a woman out when you are broke. This is the biggest insecurity of most men. If you are over 30, you are still living with your parents and you don't have any form of income, no woman is going to date you. Men are traditionally known to be providers. How are you going to provide for her when you are broke? We no longer live in ancient times where you had to hunt. Being broke can even lead to depression.

2. Your job

Most men are ashamed of their jobs, especially if it's a job that doesn't require any qualification. This one is unnecessary because as long as you can feed yourself and your family, that's all that matters.

3. Your height

The truth is that most women love tall men. This is because they view tall men as more masculine. If a woman is taller than you, she might even lose respect for you. She doesn't want to look down on you. The thing about women is that they want to be feminine. When she is taller than you, she will feel like she is masculine. The other thing is that she can not submit to you if she feels like she is taller than you. She wants to be able to wear heels without being taller than you. The sad part is that there is nothing you can do about your height. You just have to accept it. The other thing you can do is to run away from those women and go for women who like you despite your height.

4. Penis size

The truth is penis size matters to every woman. They may not admit it because they don't want to be judged. Bigger size is subjective. Some may say that 20cm is big while others may say 16cm Is big. You may not be big enough for some women but some women would view you as big enough.

5. Erectile problems

This is the biggest one because you can be tall and be rich but if you are a guy who ejaculates prematurely, or you just have a weak penis, you will still be insecure.

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