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LIttle things women do when they have secret feelings for you

Guys? If you suspect she likes you, check out these signs that she is taking in what you loathe. If you can't find some of these acts in his behaviour, he probably doesn't like you that much. 


 1. Postpone an appointment that you cannot keep.




 A woman who is interested in you will be happy to see you again! He will be more than happy to postpone your dinner if it conflicts with his girlfriend's evening. Take something for granted. Body language is an important aspect of communication. 




 When a woman is with a man she admires, she also sells her body language. He likes you from the way he tosses his hair, the eye contact, the blushes, and body language in general. 


 2. She goes out of her way to let you know that she is single. 

 She will let you know how single she is, whether talking about how she can't seem to find the right man or detailing her painful third wheel experience. Use this to see if she cares about you. Accompany her to an event if she mentions she needs a date or someone to accompany her to dinner so she is not alone. He's probably waiting for you to tip him off. 

 3. She makes fun of you 

 Does she make fun of you in a playful way? It may seem like a playground trick, but it's not just kids who lightly tease to show they value someone. The term is a low-risk technique used to increase the intimacy of a conversation by allowing two people to do business with each other while keeping things light. So remember, if a woman teases you or tickles you about your soccer team, she is likely to like you. 


 4. He constantly points out a one-on-one interview. 

 She previously said three times that she would be available on Saturday afternoon. Take it as a clue. He would like to spend some time with you. If you text him at any time of the day or night, he will come to you on the next bus across town. While this may seem desperate, it shows how much she wants to be around you and is willing to give up anything to spend time with you alone. Use it well.

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