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Marriage is Not A Joke :Lady Trends After Her Husband Did This to her Face / Opinion

Our parents have been for a long time telling us that Marraige is not a joke and one must be totally ready for all the challenges that come with marriage.Epsecially women they have been taught and programmed that one must be very patient in marriage.Also women have been taught that if you are not married they are seen as less of a woman.

Unfortunately its those type of things that make women to stay in abusive relationship where they are treated like trash because they are scared that if they leave they will be seen as women with low value just because they are not married.

A woman has gone viral on social media after she shared pictures of herself in hospital after her fiancee had beaten her to a pulp .Her eyes and mouth were swollen to such an extent .She also revealed that its the fiancee who did this to her .

A few weeks after she was better she posted a picture with the very same fiancee who almost killed her .Saying they had fixed things and the fiancee promised to changed and be a better man .Said every abuser ever.This left people shocked because how can a person keep going back to someone who beats them up like this .

Im afraid this man has beat up this lady toa point where she is psychologically damaged .Because there is no way a sane person can keep going back to someone to beats them up like that.Abusers just dont change like that .So its most likey he will keep doing it over and ove again .There is also nothing people can do to save someone such as this lady .Its up to her to wake up and leave this man for good.

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