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Man Sets Camera in His House Before Leaving and Caught His Girlfriend Doing This With Another Man

While the man's identity has been kept secret, he asked us to assist him rekindle his relationship with the woman he had cheated on. His four years in the Middle East have taught him much, he claims. When he was there, he met a beautiful woman and fell in love with her. 

The moment two people fall in love, their lives become interwoven, therefore tying the knot is not surprising. Because of this, he decided to marry the woman he'd met. Because of the call, he was forced to return to his native town. They say his girlfriend has been behaving oddly lately. 

Before he went for the day, he had installed a Wi-Fi microphone in the house. Retiring and establishing a family was the goal of the man. Seeing a man moving in with his fiancee destroyed all of his aspirations. More distressing, he unexpectedly dumped her just one week ago. 

Asked if there was a male in the residence, she denied that there was anyone else. Consequently, she had no idea that he had installed the cameras in the house. She unblocked him after a few days and he was able to phone her again. When the man told her she was pregnant, she accused him of listening in on her private conversations. 

He also suspected that she was planning to relocate with him and continue her life with him in another country.. His current position has prompted him to seek help from someone else. He clung to her, telling her how much he loved her.


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