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" Any family that charges you more than R30k for lobola is disrespecting you "

Famous twitter Doctor, Dr Abednego took to Twitter to talk about how useless Lobola is, and this sparked debate amongst tweeps. This is want he said :

"Any family that charges you more than R30k for lobola is disrespecting you my guy, actually they think you are a loser. Just take their daughter to Home Affairs and ban them from your house until they learn respect. Don't tolerate that nonsense.

A good decent family would be so grateful that a good man wants to marry their daughter, but with ya'll no one thinks you are good men so they make it difficult for you to marry their daughters. Take an L my G. But whatever you do don't take a loan to please disrespectful people.

A father of every daughter should have already saved up for her daughter's traditional wedding, so don't believe this "lobola money pays for the traditional wedding" nonsense. Next time choose a better family to marry into.

You must vet families, don't just marry into them. Better yet, as a man you must never finish paying off the lobola, it's a lifetime debt that's not meant to be fully repaid. Taking up a loan for lobola is a straight up loser move on your part, that's why they disrespect you in the first place coz they can see you are a loser.

If the woman's family even mention their daughter's education during negotiations then you should tell your uncles to pack up and leave.

Did they expect you to marry a dumb girl? Or they suppose education determines a woman's worth? They must mention her feminine qualities rather. A man who doesn't put his foot down during lobola negotiations will have a lifetime of misery.

A bride-to-be must be willing to fight off her family on behalf of her groom. Anything else is already a bad sign of things to come. But then again some of you are actually losers that's why you ask your girls to help you pay lobola or take out loans. So never mind." He said.

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