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A lady sparked a lot of debate after she stated that she loves men & she'll never stick to one man

A lady on Twitter fired the imagination of lot people who follow her on Twitter, after she seemingly posted a somewhat thought provoking tweet. And judging by the replies the lady's tweet got: it would seem many people were rather surprised by what the lady has asserted on her official Twitter account. And it appears the tweet also prompted many people to engage in heated debate around what the lady has postulated. As one would expect, many people were quick to react with mixed reactions.

There is some indication that the tweet has somewhat reminded people about the fact that in life, people will always want different things.

As already alluded above, many people reacted to the tweet by posing lot of questions to the lady. And one of the people who reacted to the tweet posed the following question "It's your right and we need to respect. So are you going to let all the guys know that you are unable to date one guy at a time". However, the lady didn't manage to respond to the aforementioned question. Many people fairly knows about the such tweet always get lot of interactions, however, it will take forever to quote all what people have said under the lady's tweet.

Another person who seemed to be diametrically opposed to what the lady has posted, replied to the tweet by saying the following "You're trying to create a society without genders this we'll definitely come with & undesirable results at the end"

As expected, one person who appeared to be agreeing with the sentiment of the lady responded by saying " Always have a back up friend"

In her own words, the lady posted the following on her official Twitter account

"One thing about me I love men. I can’t stick to one. Soze!"

Here is the screenshot of the tweet:

Below is the reaction of some people:

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