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She Was Sleeping With Her Mother's Boyfriend And This Happened (Read WhatsApp Chats)

When I was dating my girlfriend, who also happens to be the mother of my one and only son, there was this one time a few months back when she lost her father and her mother had to find another man, which she did, and when she did, my daughter was adamant that her mother not have another man. I'm in a unique position to assist her because I'm one of her closest pals. Her mother approached me and asked if I could persuade her that because her father was no longer coming back, it was alright for her mother to date a new man.

So I did precisely what her mother requested, and though she initially refused to listen to my advise, I gave her time, and as the weeks went, she eventually came to terms with their relationship. She grew quite close to him in such a short period of time after she decided to stop being her mother's new man's hater and a hater of that relationship that I was curious because I couldn't figure out what had led her to change her mind so quickly.

So I had the idea of asking her about their father-daughter relationship, but something told me not to, that instead I should just look through their conversations to see what they're talking about because I learned they also communicate on social media. So I snatched her phone and proceeded right to their WhatsApp conversations, where I discovered the following. Read chats below;

I had no idea she was pregnant, but based on her chats with her stepfather, she is declaring it and even offering proof, hinting that it is not mine but his. Their bond was once more than just a daughter-father relationship, as indicated by the talks above.

So far, there have been no confrontations, and I'm still trying to figure out what the appropriate course of action is in this situation.

When things are thus way, which step, in your opinion as a reader, is the correct one to take? Do I immediately inform her mother, or do I wait for them to try to blame it on me first?

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