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Finally Boniswa got exposed

Apparently it was very nice watching Boniswa as Lizzie hence she also enjoyed her new life with Mamba but now she might be facing a very big trouble You will remember that Mamba's right man never liked Lizzie since she worked at that house. He suspects that Lizzie is up to no good and she is also lying about her identity hence he wanted an evidence to prove that she is pretending to be someone she is notAs we see that Boniswa is always up and down on the house, she was very tired and wanted to rest a bit. She started by checking if there is no one watching her, little she knew that Mamba's right man will arrive the minute she is starting to enjoy her rest.

He took Lizzie as many pictures as he can while she was sleeping because he wanted to prove to Mamba that Lizzie is pretending. He might then take all the evidence he has about her and present it to Mamba however Mamba might not fire her as he started to develop feelings for her.

Lizzie might just explain to Mamba that she was very tired so she needed just 3 minutes to rest and Mamba might forgive her.

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