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Is it wrong for a lady to make a move on a guy? - See what South African women are saying

We see these things in movies and sometimes they are hard to apply in real life, but through social media, we get to learn what other people think about them. encourages women to make a move on men that they find themselves interested in. They say it is flattering, it shows confidence in women, men might be waiting for them to make that move and they also love validation.

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When this question was posed by one woman on social media, I realized that guys love it when they are being approached and women of today find no shame in doing so. Remember that we are living in a social media-dominated era whereby anything can be done electronically.

Some women believe that it is not a wrong thing to do, but they are scared that once you make a move on him, he will always make you go after him. They believe that he will be flattered for only 5 minutes then he will convince himself that it is something that you do to every guy.

A lady called Sphindile Thabede says there is nothing wrong with approaching a guy and she has thought about it, but her pride keeps standing in her way.

Someone believes that it is not wrong but you have to be sure of the maturity of a guy that you want to approach before making that move on him. Women are scared that some guys might screen grab the conversation and share it on their timeline.

Some believe that it is safe to do so if the guy is also showing signs of interest. That is because some women do not take rejection well.


I believe that there is nothing wrong with a woman trying his luck, but a guy will hardly say 'no' and the scariest part is that you would have spotted your favorite person in him, down the line you might be heartbroken when he goes out looking for his favorite lady.

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