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How You Can Manage Insecurity Problem In Your Relationship

Insecurity has hampered the development of many young relationships today. Because of some activity, your spouse may not be able to trust you at all, and he or she may not be very confident about your actions and decisions. Here are some ways in which you can manage security issues in your relationship.

 1. Do not keep secrets

 Secrets make your partner worry and doubt you. There is nothing that you can do to help your loved one. Be clear and unambiguous.

 2. Do not lie to others

 Many would argue that flirting and having sex with others is not the same as cheating. But flirting is the first step, and why should you only tell your partner what you need to say and write? If you can flirt with your spouse, you may find that you are more likely to be unfaithful.

 3. Say 'I love you' often

 Check your partner. In the middle of a conversation, tell your partner about your love. If you prove that you are unloving or if you have been silent for a long time or if your spouse 'loves you'? To speak; Your spouse will feel more confident.

 4. Get to know another friend and family

 When you are known for your closeness to each other, it works like a safety net, what you have is difficult and surrounded by people closest to you in life. When your spouse only spends time with you and feels that he / she is hidden from your family and friends, he / she will feel an unconditional love of his / her place in your life and in your heart.

 5. Do not thank anyone other than you. Praise your spouse

 There is nothing wrong with giving real compliments and appreciating others, but your partner should be the target of your compliments. When you talk highly of others and praise them more than your spouse, your partner will feel a little overwhelmed.

 6. Keep your old friend away.

 An ex-boyfriend can be a big threat to your love. Your partner should feel safe by keeping your ex-friend away. It is OK to connect with your ex if you need to. But if your ex is still active against you, kill any form of communication.

 7. Declare your love publicly

 Public display of love provides security; When you advertise your spouse "this is my man / woman", do not let your spouse feel inferior. If you're both really close and comfortable with each other, this might be okay. Do not make excuses whether you are in secret or not.

 8. Apologize for any mistakes you make

 Apologizing makes your spouse feel emotional and secure.

 9. Explain yourself

 Do not wait for your spouse to force you to express yourself; You do not have to be difficult to know. Get your partner involved, explain why you do it, and be easy to like.

 10. Prioritize your spouse

 Life gives you many desires; But your partner, your family should feel that your priorities are high, just think of them as being easy to get along with when you are tired, crippled, or comfortable.

 11. Spend a lot of time together

 Make time for what you value. The more time you spend in person, online, or one-on-one with your partner, the safer your partner will be.

 12. Warn your partner about being overworked

 It is not always possible to spend as much time with your partner as you want. Sometimes life is too busy; Prepare your partner when he does. Let your partner know when and why you are not being reached. Let your partner know how your schedule is. And even when busy, call for a few seconds or send a short text saying, "I miss you and I love you."

 13. Call each other by the name of love

 Look for the sweet name by which you are called, A name you do not call someone else; Like my love, honey, baby, my dear.

 14. Do not treat your phone as a suspect

 If you have nothing to hide, you will not hide anything. If you do not keep your phone quiet with your partner, do not turn it off, and do not move away from your partner to answer phone calls. This aggravates the suspicion. When your partner is not available, let your partner answer your call to listen in on the phone. Make your friend feel like you have nothing to hide.

 15. Do not be defensive

 He / she has the right to receive answers when you meet or ask questions. Do not be defensive or make your spouse feel guilty. You have to be accountable to your partner. Only suspects become defenders and make their partner look bad when their spouse asks questions.

 16. Do not change for the worse

 You chose your friend, you married him because you treated him / her well. If you are married now, do not change for years. Do not take your partner for granted. Do not be complacent.

 17. Do not replace your partner's feelings

 Do not be deceived by a new person after you have been together for a long time. Your focus should not be on anything new in your life. No one should take your partner's place.

 18. Keep your partner's secrets

 Do not compromise when your partner is secretive. Keeping secrets shows security.

 19. Tell other Suites

 Tell them when other people try to separate you. Do not let your friend struggle with someone who is trying to tempt you. You are the one who is telling the person to stay away.

 20. Protect your spouse

 Defend your partner's name, protect your partner's dignity. Stand up for your partner when your family, friends or the public say bad things about him / her. Let your partner find a fat and thin rider.

 21. Maintain a healthy sex life

 It is scary when someone you are married to is faithful to you and wants to touch you. It is the best way to make your spouse feel confident about having sex with someone else. Do not let each other feel that way; look for ways to have sex if the bedroom is boring.

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