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A no means no, and stop taking advantage of that motives

There are people who can't understand or be aware that when saying yes it means you allow. Then when you keep quite about what you say, they take advantage of you and things you be having. Things like your belongings or things that might matter to you most. Most importantly your heart by hurting you or your family needs. When saying no you mean you've enough or it's no more.

Some will hate you for using that defense mechanism. Because they thought you would not dare to say the word. If it's a man to a woman will cause a fight and if it's your friend you might be hated for doing so. It doesn't matter because you will be doing justice to yourself and people will know your rights. Than accept even when you know it might turn hard on you.

They will climb and fall on you where you don't set a record straight. Been made their ball, having fun of you will progress and you never enjoy that mood of treatment. Then after such a line you will be free and nobody will try squeezing your hand for their benefits. We all scared to loose those around us. But be not afraid to talk your heart and learn to say no more.

People forget that they are our mentors and we learn from them daily. Imagine asking your friend or family member something and you got a big no for an answer. So be aware and be careful of what you might witness

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