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Lady cuts of friend because she did not get a birthday wish, Tweeps reacts

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Mental health issues are really a big deal in the days and times that we live in. We have seen our fellow brothers and sisters commiting suicide because they were suffering and having mental health problems.

These mental health issues include, but are not limited to mood disorders, anxiety disorders, personality disorders, psychotic disorders, eating disorders, trauma-related disorders and substance abuse disorders.

These are issues that have been present. However, the Covid 19 pandemic has directly and indirectly made things worse. People are suffering from depression because they have lost their jobs, businesses have had to close down and social lives have also taken a huge knock.

Recently, a lady by Gugu The Booty on Twitter (@Gugu_The_Booty) tweeted "Guys please re-evaluate your friendships, because when you have one rotten egg the rest will soon follow..."

Apparently, this tweet came 5-6 days after Gugu's birthday. In a screenshot which accompanied the quoted tweet Gugu's friend was seemingly trying to explain why she wasn't able to wish Gugu happy birthday. According the screenshot, the friend had been going through a lot of emotional distress and thought they had called called. But Gugu still decided to cut her off.

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Tweeps weighed in on this matter. With some understanding where Gugu is coming from, but most saying Gugu is the one who is toxic and did well to set her unidentified friend free. Indeed, she deserves better friends.

Do you think it was fair for Gugu to do what she did despite her friend having explained what was really going down?

Do you still do "friendships", how healthy are they?

These days, we have come to the realization that life as a gift being the biggest blessing, mental health follows very closely as far genuine blessings are concerned.

We cannot deny that Gugu is within her rights to befriend who she wants and cut off whoever she wants. However, would you keep her as a friend?

Have you had friends with mental health issues? How have you handled them? If you have suffered from emotional distress, please do share your experience.

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