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If God is teaching you how to truly forgive someone, He is preparing you for loving marriage.

Since both you and your future spouse will have great power in each other’s life and both of you are sinful people, the question is not “if” you and your future spouse will hurt each other but rather “how much” will you hurt one another and how quickly will you be able to forgive one another?

When we read Ephesians 5:22-33 and learn about how marriage between humans is supposed to reflect the love relationship between Christ and his church, it’s ni8889 II 98atural to feel warm and fuzzy inside as you imagine how great it will be in such a loving union. And I’m not downplaying that. It truly is amazing.

But let’s not forget what 89 Christian marriage is reflecting. Let’s not forget how our relationship with Jesus actually looks. It’s not perfect. It’s messy. Jesus sees the worst part of his bride but still loves her. He sees the corruption in the church. He sees the rebellion in each of our lives behind closed doors. But his love is unwavering. Not only does his love remain, Jesus died for us so that we can be forgiven.

The point is, if you hope to have a future marriage that is full of love, you must learn to be a very forgiving person through the power of God’s grace. I’m not saying that you will be required to be a doormat for your future spouse. There should be relational consequences when someone continually mistreats you. I’m just saying that no matter how healthy your future marriage will be, both you and your future spouse are going to do hurtful things towards each other, and if you have not learned to forgive you will be unable to have a loving marriage. As Ephesians 5:25 states:

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