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Please double-check your dates if you are an unpaid 350 Beneficiary.

Kindly twofold actually take a look at your dates in the event that you are a neglected 350 Beneficiary.

Neglected 350 Beneficiaries, twofold really take a look at your dates.

On December first, awards for more settled individuals will be paid. On Thursday, December second, a portion of the disappointment award will be paid.

SASSA has not been conveying instant messages reminding individuals to get their parts at the mail center. After not getting a SMS ready, few individuals went to the mail center and recognized yours. Assuming your part has been approved yet you have not gotten a SMS after a sensible measure of time, essentially go to your nearby POST OFFICE.

Clearly, there is an issue with the SMS, and your cash has been held for an extensive stretch without your insight since you have not gotten a SMS.

When your status has been affirmed, quit sitting tight for a SMS and head to the mail center to get your part.

In the event that you haven't been paid in north of 90 days and your application has been acknowledged (accepting nobody minds), go to your closest mail community and apply for an appeal.


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