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Before proposing any girl, Please note this could happen: OPINION

You will never propose any girl after watching this: OPINION


Being in a relationship is something really terrifying nowadays if you are not sure of what you are looking for. Back in days while we were still kids, we would just date anyone just for fame and status of ' I am dating' someone. You would be a laughing stock if you were single or not been dating at all.

As we grow, we tend to realise that dating shouldn't be just dating only. Dating at 20s has brought many things into consideration, you need to know what you really want as you approach the real life with other people. However, there are people who are old but they still have kids mentality of dating for fame and status.

A must read:

Before proposing someone's daughter, make sure she is the real one or else you will find yourself embarrassed. Most of proposal ceremonies are held in public where a lot of people sees you and your partner. It could get awkward to be rejected just in front of many people, inside the mall for instance. There are camera man who are just waiting for moments like that, you will never understand how but you would see yourself trending over internet by something so simple.

A video of some boy and girl went viral after drama happened while he was trying to propose. They were standing together looking at the walls, the boy went down and told her to turn around, suddenly the girl collapsed as she was shocked. It was very embarrassing i suppose and it means that lady was not ready for anything serious at this stage.


Before putting your knee down for someone, just make sure they're worth it and they could never disappoint or embarrass you infront of people.

It is devastating and lame


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