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"My boyfriend just told me he is gay" says GiGi

A lady who goes by the name of GIGi has shared her life story on her Twitter account. And it would seem, the lady's story has somewhat managed to capture the attention of majority of people who are active on social media platforms, particularly on Twitter. GiGi revealed something that her boyfriend has just told her. And people were quick to react to what GiGi has share on Twitter account. Judging by the comments, people reacted to GiGi's revelations with more questions than answers. One thing about Twitter is that, nothing is censored there! People can share whatever details they feel the public should know about.

As a matter of fact, there's great deal of freedom on Twitter. And that freedom has enabled people to resort to Twitter to share and or dissect issues that rarely get attention on other platforms. And GiGi used the freedom that is being offered by social media platforms, particularly Twitter, to share her story. And GiGi said the following "My boyfriend just told me he is gay".

Here is the link to the tweet:

As already alluded above, people were quick to react to what GiGi has shared on her Twitter account. And one person who reacted to GiGi's tweet, replied by saying the following "Big up to him for coming out and I'm sorry you're losing a boyfriend but I can assure you you're gaining the best friend you'll ever have"

Another person who seem to offer some comfort replied to GIGi by saying the following to her "Let him go mahn, it's who he is. Support him even. It's gonna hurt, but trust me his intentions were probably not to hurt you, but we live in a world where being gay is so condemned to a point that most gay guys have to live a lie, just to fit in"

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