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Man breaks up with girlfriend for sending him Valentine message she allegedly copied online.

An exchange between a man and a woman on WhatsApp that ended in their separation on Valentine's Day has gone viral, according to reports.

In reaction to her partner's failure to utilize love emoticons in his responses to her, the lady challenged him, which triggered a series of events that culminated in their separation. The rest of the conversation consisted of him chastising her for using only two emojis, and the situation only worsened from there.

Her surprise at how quickly a day that was supposed to be beautiful had turned into a day of disagreement was palpable. He began to throw jabs at her, and she realized how quickly the day had changed.

A few minutes later, the guy confronted her, accusing her of sending him a Valentine's Day greeting that he said had been copied from the internet and forwarded to him.

Immediately following the charge, he notified her that he was quitting his relationship with her and stopped responding to her texts.

Take a peek at what they were talking about:

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