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If you Feel like saying yes to an older man Remember this (Opinion)

As is often the case, difficult decisions must be made. Sometimes we do things without thinking about the future consequences.

As someone who went to college, I could have done better if I had done it myself in a more responsible way, but instead I let an older man take advantage of me because I love Got On, but I know very well that it is not the price of snow. Now you know how it started.

You know how difficult it is to manage a new relationship. We dated for a few months and saw each other often and sometimes we didn't use the morning after pill but I still had my period until another month I was four days late and that's when I decided to buy a pregnancy test.

My heart skipped a beat when I saw those two thick lines. I didn't lose my mind for a minute. I was still young, in college, and I got pregnant by the same man as my father. How can God punish me? I called my boyfriend and told him what I found out and told him I didn't want to stay and to my surprise he didn't even want a cat he was still in tears.

I decided to have an abortion in a private clinic, is he going to help me or is he going to save me from it? Unfortunately I had to give it up after the procedure because it reminded me of everything I went through and seeing it always reminds me of abortion.

You may be like me, but trust me when I tell you that abortion helps you get rid of the baby, but the thought of killing innocent babies doesn't go away easily. Every time I remember that I saw a pregnant woman, I do not forget to think twice before having an abortion.

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