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The fears of a relationship with someone who already has kids

It's so hard to date someone who was in a long term relationship that produced two kids .it's not just about dating them but you are taking him in with his kids and the baby mama .it's a major transition from being single to potentially being a step mother to your partner's kids .

You may think that's it's okay ,but you should know that you will never be a priority or rather you are only a priority when you are making love the second the baby mama calls,or the kids call you are not important .

Your plans are cancel6when one of the kids cough ,when the baby mama is having trou ke with the kids you just have to take a back seat and support your partner .

Of you think that was hard you then have to be introduced to kids who might literally hate your guys and when you think you are coming right with the kids ,baby also has to approve because I don't think no woman in her right state of mind would allow just anyone to be a step mother to her kids .

Funny that men find it hard to accept a woman with kids but when the tables are turned we have to accept rejection before we are fully accepted into the family .

Life is just frightening ,what must you do as a female to weather the storm .

Once in a relationship it's for better or worse but when do you draw the line ,when do you stop sneaking around just so the kids don't get hurt ,do you even have the right to ask if the baby mama is okay with the relationship ?what are the right steps to take ??

It's not only women who go through this but men too thing is women just have it hard in relationships .

So big question is ,what should we do to be fully accepted in a relationship that has out of the world dynamics that sometimes test your love for your partner ?????

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