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5 Qualities Men Look Out For In A Woman Before Dating Or Marrying Her

There are many qualities that men look out for in a woman before considering dating or marrying her. Most of these qualities are things that preserve the love that the man has for the woman. 

Note that every man has the individual qualities that he wants in a woman. However, despite these individual differences, they are common qualities that men look out for. Check out the list of the 5 qualities in this article below.

1. Personality

Personality has to do with a certain quality that distinguishes people. Men often look at the personality of a woman before making a move on her. 

2. Fashion

A good sense of fashion is a quality that some men like about some women. As women always endeavour to look good, modest, and decent. 

3. Height

These qualities don't apply to every man, but some consider height before they date or marry a woman. For some men, they can't date or marry a short woman while for some, any height is okay for them.

4. Facial looks

 The beauty of a woman is an important quality that men look out for. Everyone will believe me that facial beauty is what many men consider apart from the most important qualities like behavior and others.

5. Body size

It may be weird to know that some men consider body size before dating and marrying a woman, yes they do. People have an individual difference, some men go for slim girls while some go for the chubby ones.

In case you have another quality other than the ones mentioned above, write them in the comment section.

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