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He loves someone else's partner and he thinks they are soulmates

If the idea of soul mates does exist in real life, it means there are people out there who are married to others' soul mates. I am saying this because people spend almost their whole lives searching for someone they can refer to as a soul mate.

It is easier to fall in love with someone and get married, but it looks like there is a gap that marriage cannot fill, which is the reason why people cheat and end up divorcing. Loving someone else while you are in another relationship is one of the things that we always knew was possible, but we did not want to talk about it until we found confirmation.

Today I found confirmation about such things through the confession that was made by a guy called Cebo on twitter. Cebo believes that being married to someone does not make them your soulmate and it certainly does not mean that he or she loves you the most. The reason why he is saying this is because the woman that he loves the most is currently in love with someone else while she also loves Cebo the very same way that he loves her. He says they often call each other and console one another, but they have decided not to date.

Cebo believes that finding your soul mate does not mean that you have to marry them. He thinks soulmates are just people who have their own spiritual beings that are more inclined towards each other and whose presence soothes their souls.

While people keep telling him that what he is doing with his so-called soulmate can be equated to an affair, Cebo believes that having someone that you are comfortable crying with and sharing everything with is not an affair. He believes that the scenario helps his relationship at some extent.

I think the best thing to do for him is to distance himself from this woman if he wants to protect his relationship. One thing might lead to another, and he might find himself in a situation he was trying to avoid going to. If he knows that the woman weakens his feelings, he should not play along because at some point it will be hard to say 'no.'

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