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Wedding dress

People fell in love with the bride who wore cow leather as a wedding dress

When it comes to marriages, partners tend to promise themselves that it does not matter where their wedding will take place, just as long as the wedding becomes a successful ceremony of their union.

Fashion comes in different styles and we were yet to see different styles of wedding dresses until a certain couple brought something new into our eyes. We all know that people prefer having a white wedding before having a traditional one. However, this couple chose to have what looks like a white wedding while wearing traditional outfits.

Instead of donning a white dress, the bride was beautifully covered by a cowhide dress. The groom had his suits inside, but outside the suite was a blanket of zebra-like stripes.

People paid their focus to the bride, who looked stunning in her cowhide-made wedding dress. They think she looks really beautiful in that dress, and it looks like many people would love to adopt her style.

Someone pointed out that the white dress was introduced to us by a few people who came on a ship. This person thinks what he saw at this couple's wedding is the true meaning of beauty.

A guy called Senzo said that the way he was so in love with the outfit, he would even ask his wife to wear it on other occasions.

However, there is someone who believes that what he was looking at was a 100% white wedding. He thinks the dress code is nowhere near African. This person thinks being made from animal skin does not make the wedding dress an African outfit.

I think the dress is beautiful, and my belief is that the couple were trying to do both the traditional and white wedding at the same time. It made it look beautiful and unique. Those who are in love with the dress are not focusing on what the couple was trying to achieve, but they admire what came out of their idea.

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