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The Best Gift to Give Your Woman, According To Their Star Sign

Valentine's Day is right around the corner, so here's a quick guide on what to give your partner as a gift on this special lovers day.


Nobody likes to be stressed out, but ARIES actually evolves through stressful situations. ARIES women are naturally inclined to find themselves under pressure in their daily lives, so gifts that relieve tension are always helpful. Luxurious bath bomb sets or meditation cushions might be a good idea to help them unwind.


TAURUS appreciates handcraft gifts like custom jewelry made by you or their favorite designer.


GEMINI is symbolized by the twins, so gifts that come in pairs could be a nice way to recognize this zodiac sign. Lean into GEMINI's sense of humor by finding funny socks or slippers that speak to their personality.


CANCER is fond of nostalgia. You can never go wrong with an one-of-a-kind antique or heirloom. Collectables are also a great way to show a CANCER you care, since most collectables have a great backstory and grow in value over time. Brands with a strong sense of history work best when it comes to gifting a CANCER.


The ultimate goal in gifting a LEO is to find something that makes them say, "I don't know how I ever lived without this!" Try a cute alarm clock with circadian lighting to give them the feeling of waking up with the sun. Or, help them step up their selfie game with an accessory they can use over and over again, like a good quality ring light.


VIRGO can be riddled with anxiety because they always strive to be better than they were the day before. Guided journals, adult colouring books, weighted blankets and aromatherapy are all great ways to show VIRGO also appreciates anything that contributes to a greater good, so trying finding a product or brand that has an impeccable give back program.


LIBRA geeks out for a good scent, and they always recognize the value of a higher-end product. It's a gamble buying perfume for someone else unless you know their favorite kind, so try picking up a luxurious perfume set that has a variety of different scents.


SCORPIO plays it cool when receiving gifts, but they'll light up if they feel like you put a lot of thought into their gift. They love a good surprise, but only when it comes from the heart. Friendship gifts like matching rings, bracelets or necklaces show you're committed to having them in your life.


Yes, SAGITTARIUS is the traveler of the zodiac, but if they get one more neck-pillow for the airplane they'll probably friend dump you. Instead of weighing them down with more to carry on their trips, give them something to look forward to at home. Elaborate scrapbook materials to help them archive their adventure can be thoughtful and fun.


CAPRICORN spends enough enough time thinking about work, and while they love gifts for the office, it's probably not the best option for Valentine's Day. Instead of cubicle decor, lean into Capricorn's competitive side by gifting them a vintage board game that relies on strategy, or find something to help them track their daily goals.


AQUARIUS is the early adopter of the zodiac. They're always on the leading edge when it comes to technology and trends. Fashion infused with technology can be up their alley, like heated pants or programmable LED shirts.


PISCES knows how to capture a moment. Opt for a Polaroid camera so they can remember their favorite people and events in a single flash. PISCES also embodies the effortless feeling of old school Hollywood glam, so a vintage designer garment always speaks to their soul, whether it's a dress, headscarf or handbags.

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