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Imagine Seeing Your Partner On TV Looking For Someone Else To Date. #SingleAndMingle

Imagine seeing your partner on tv looking for someone else.#SingleAndMingle

Single and Mingle is a show that helps a lot of singles out there who are looking for love and a possible significant other, it has helped a lot of people but o todays episode somethi g was catchy and interesting, the guy who wrote on the show already has a girlfriend but he admits that he is looki g for someone for entertainment of someone to gel with with in times of boredom.

I Think By Bringing This Guy,Knowing That He Have Two Girlfriend, Moja Love Disrespected Us As Viewers, Disrespected The Potential Date And Women As A Whole #SingleAndMingle.

" Ladies and gentle brothers let’s give it up to the match maker he killed it this time around,spot on they are compatible honestly #SingleAndMingle "

Its so sad, the part where the lady admits that she has never dated ever since she had her child 8 years ago, being a woman or a mom takes a troll in many women, women go through a lot and if there was a chance for baby daddies to appreciate their baby mothers, they do not k ow what a woman goes through on a daily basis after giving birth, women are strong and hard at work, we hope the love they shared today blossoms forever.

This is the kind of content fans sign up for and the match maker was on poi t, its almost as if the two lovebirds have been in wrong relationships all along and now they have found each other, a happy ending is what we suport.

Life is too short to be selective when it comes to love, sometimes true love comes from those you never thought were your type or thought you could date.

If she waited full 8 years to find her man, she must have gone through a lot and we all wish them both love and prosperity.

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