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Let's talk| What's stopping you from doing this? A guys asked on social media

Times have indeed changed, and it's no longer that time where people used to be afraid or feel shy about showing off their relationship in public. People nowadays have normalised using social media to show the world that they are happily married or in a happy relationship. Many people use the media to inspire other couples out there that they can make it work.

Nowadays, people have introduced couple trips, couple matching outfits, couples get-togethers, etc. with the aim of strengthening the relationship and building it so that it could inspire people out there who are embarking on the same journey.

Many people have been inspired by the couples they see on social media and have created everything out of them to make their relationship work. In particular, wearing matching outfits has been trending on social media. Couples have been seen and reported in different locations rocking the same outfit and enjoying the love.

A guy uploaded a photo on his Twitter account showing different couples wearing the same gowns in a pool. Judging from the looks and the background, it shows that the couple went out on a vacation to celebrate their love or maybe an anniversary.

Couples can be seen in a photo doing a que inside the pool, looking stunning with their significant other.A guy captioned, "What's stopping you from doing this with your partner?"

People in the comment section have replied to the tweet that they do not have guns or a partner to go out with. Whereas others have said that their partners' friends are shy and they'll never allow them to go out with them.

The question is to you guys: if you are not doing this, then what's stopping you from doing this? Drop your comments below. Let me hear what's stopping you from doing so.

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