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Divorce Affair

Will You leave Your Relationship Every Time You Get Cheated On? - Daniel Marvin Asks

Will you leave your Relationship every time you got cheated on?

Cheating takes a toll on everyone who has been cheated on, we all know the dissadvantages of cheating, when someone constantly cheats on you, theres a high chance that they are putting your life at great risk, a person who cheats can possibly bring home different types of diseases.

Its not easy to leave the one who cheated on you more especially women, they will stay because at times they have nowhere to go, its not like women can't pack up their bags and leave, its a lot for them.

Yes.cheating is unforgivable in my book, but that's just me.i don't want you anymore,i'm never going to look at you the same, i'll never be able to trust you again,my guard is always going to be up & i'm gone make you pay for it every single day and that's not a sane way to live.

" I have decide that I won't leave but going forward it will be an open relationship in my head. I do not want to be Petty and call it cheating back but let's just say the memorandum will have been updated and he won't get the latest copy. "

FyiI buy my own condoms mna guys. And please dont judge me, cheating used to be a deal breaker. It ruined lobola negotiations. And i was crushed. Men cheat even when they are in a happy, loving relationship. They cheat unprovoked. Besides, people get sick while in marriages.

Now this is a mature reply of a woman who is able to hold her own because this society has dramatically changed on how things used to be so if you find a viable alternative channel to harness the situation let it be, let's do this my lady.

The most sick people are in serious relationships and in marriages. Take a walk to a clinic or hospital, got to the chronic section and ul see whose there: baby mamas and wives collecting meds for themselves and their partners. You're leaving to go to another sick cheater.

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