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Please assist SBV to find him!

While some people go to school for employment training some of the people don't really need all that as God gave them what we call super talent.

Above is the man who had been trending on Facebook for making gun and bullet proof with papers as he was dedicating his love for the cash service company known as SBV.

SBV was impressed by the talent of this man and they are now looking for him. Don't worry he is not in trouble but his talent is paving the way for him. Who knows maybe SBV will give him the job. Incase you know him tell him to call SBV or go to the nearest offices.

SBV taking to twitter made it clear that they are impressed by his talent and they said the guy understand the quality of cash service companies.

What do you think of this? Is this talent or something else? Comment below, like and share with others on facebook.

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