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Rape Obscene

I'm like this because my biological father decided that, I'm sexually ready at the age of 9.

This is the same woman who commented on another website that she had been rap*d by more than five different guys before the age of 12. Now that she has here, she has also come to inform us who the first offender was of those men who have caused her such a great deal of harm. To add insult to injury, she claims that the offender is none other than her own biological father. 

She claimed that my biological father was the one who decided at the age of nine whether or not I was s**ually viable. This suggests that the rape incidents began as early as when she was 9 years old and continued up until she was 12 years old. 

It seems as though she has been the victim of a string of rap*s, which indicates that she was rap*d a total of five times in a span of time that is about equivalent to three years. Because of this, it is a very chaotic circumstance; perhaps this is the reason why the majority of the things that she posts on Twitter are extremely poisonous; however, when it comes to people like her, all we can do is pray that they are able to find some form of healing so that they can move on to their next healthy relationship.


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