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Swati Gay Couple left many speechless after they got married, see pictures


Swati gay couple left many speechless after they got married. It is rare to see same gender getting married to one another as some people till today have not accepted same gender relationships and Christian churches are not allowed to wed gay couples as it is not allowed in the bible. With or without a pastor most gay couples make sure that they have their perfect wedding no matter what people say.

Today gay marriage is illegal but to some countries it is still illegal and if they find out that you are gay you serve some time in jail.That is why some gays immigrate to other countries so that thaey can have the freedom of getting married to who ever they want to get married to.

This couple decided to have a traditional wedding despite most gays having a white weddin. They wanted to imbrace their culture. They wanted to show people that you can still follow your culture despite being gay. Their cultural wedding was on top. To some people they would say that these people are disappointing their ancestors as the was no such thing long time ago.

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Swati Swati Gay Couple


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