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Lady Left in Tears After Her Boyfriend Proposes To Her In A Sad Way

Everyone will agree with me that every love storey begins somewhere; it doesn't matter where or how it began; what matters is how two people get together and where the relationship is headed in the right direction.

If you find the proper person who truly loves and cares for you, we say that love is sweet. The majority of individuals discover love at school, however some people also find love at religion.

But what counts most is where the relationship is headed, and whether or not trust and love are still present, as they were at the moment the guy proposed to the woman.

An incident in which a young guy faked to die beside a swimming pool in order to test his girlfriend's loyalty was captured on camera and has generated widespread misunderstanding.

When this gentleman is shown laying on the floor, his girlfriend screams in agony, telling him to "baby wake up don't do this to me," believing that her partner has disappeared. All those there were taken aback as the young man emerged from behind the counter, clutching a promise ring.


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