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My Hubby Left Me After I Gave Birth, Nobody Believes She Is 17yrs old Now, Woman Narrates.

Christine, a single mother of one, has detailed how her husband abandoned her after she gave birth to a disabled kid who is now 17 years old.

According to her, everything was well when she became pregnant until it was time to deliver, at which point the doctor discovered that her baby was not healthy.

The physicians referred her to a larger hospital for a checkup after she gave birth, and she continued to visit several hospitals, but all of her visits were in fruitless because the results were all negative.

Christine claims that her husband fled when the baby was just a month old and has never returned to check on them. The daughter is now 17 years old, but no one believes her because she still appears like a month old baby.

The infant has never learned to walk or crawl, and she cries the entire night, causing Christine to have constant migraines as a result of her lack of sleep.

Many people have advised her to kill or abandon her, but she has pledged to never do so since she is her daughter, and she would never give up on her unless God decides to take her.

Christine feels that if her daughter has advanced treatment, she will be able to walk or speak to her, which is why she has asked well-wishers to donate money to help her daughter receive treatment.


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