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5 Secrets You should Never Tell Your Husband, No Matter How Much You Love Him

We all know that it could be difficult to keep secrets from someone you are married to. However, some secrets could backfire as time goes on. 

1. Never admit that you hate his mother

Save your opinions about his family for your friends or your therapist and you will live a much happier life.

2. Don't tell him that one of your friends is cheating on her husband

In general, you must act as though infidelity is equal to murder. You know it exists, you've read about it in the papers, but you certainly don't know anyone who has actually committed it. 

3.Don't tell him you want a divorce unless you really do

If you keep threatening your husband with divorce all the time, one day he will take you up on your offer. You will be shattered, and end up being hospitalized

4. Don't confess to your crushes

A harmless crush is something no flesh-and-blood person can compete with, so I keep them to yourself. 

5. Never tell him that his best friend made a move on you 

An old friendship could be lost over this, and you will wish you had kept your mouth shut. 

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