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"Guys stop saying Jolling is boring, if you want to enjoy date a Zimbabwean man, the lady posted

This lady is saying jolling is not boring, it just depends on who you are jolling with. Zimbabwean brothers as you can see there on her post is written that, congratulations to our Zimbabwean brothers who are keeping our cousins cousins happy in since the bedroom in South Africa.

When you listen to the video, she can go on to say that Zimbabweans are so loving, and caring. At the same time she is criticizing the Nigerians for being smelly. So I'm just asking myself a question that, isn't it vice-versa. Yes most of the Zimbabwean man have go the respect for women, they are loving, caring and respecting, but then they are the ones that have a problem with smelling.

Nigerians don't smell, Nigerians can give a woman money, any amount that she needs. But that money woman will work for it in other ways, it is as good as a payback. They know how to abuse a woman, they know how to misuse a woman because when they give you money, you do everything that they want. If he ask you to sleep with his colleagues, you would do it because it his money.

So they'll treat you like you're just a piece of property, and will also their dodgy businesses that will even end you in prison, that's how they are but they do not smell. Zimbabweans are caring but they are the ones that are smelling, the the ones that the South Africans are complaining about, their lack of using a roll on. So so you can see that the people have commented to this this post with different views. I don't know what this sister is trying to say or do by that, she is out there to mock the Zimbabweans. If you look at that video, you can see how funny she is, she is not even serious. I think she was just trying to mock the Zimbabweans and Nigerians, but her main target is the Zimbabweans. I also saw another comment that the says, Zimbabweans are taking an Olympic gold medal when it comes to bedroom issues, but they fail in real Olympics.

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