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Husband and wife relationship

Woman cry tears after her husband chose to marry their landlord over her


Men are always judged for chosing who to marry, even though it is their choice to decide who they wanna spend the rest of their lives with. A disappointed young woman cried out loud after her husband chased her away to marry their landlord. It is alleged that the guy woke up the next day with a bad feeling instead of telling his girlfriend about it, he decided to propose to the landlord.

Trizah Chilanda, explained to the press about her husband’s decision to dump her over their landlordr after being married for 16 years. According to local media, Trizah disclosed that the man she lived with all these years chased her from their matrimonial home and got married to their landlady without compromising his decision.

Her man sent her back to her parents house at the age of 39-years having four children. " I never thought this would happen to me it is a surprise" she said. After he got a permanent job he showed me his true colors. I never thought that a man can change because of a job. He could have done something bad to me instead of marrying someone over me lady lamented.

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